Diet and Weight Loss Tips

Why do we gain weight?

It is important to take note of the fact that due to the complexities and technicalities of our modern lives, staying in shape and avoiding weight gain is become an increasing difficulty. We can tell this is slowly creeping over us as we tend to get more tired by regular and simple activities, our clothes don’t fit the same way they used to and we are feeling heavier; we are gaining weight.

There are many reasons which explain weight gain, and they go as follows,

Hypothyroidism: This is a condition which is triggered by an abnormality regarding the thyroid gland which releases thyroid hormone and triggers weight gain due to the hormonal imbalance it creates in the body as it swells up and chronic fatigue and weight gain ensue.
Stress: Stress is a known factor for weight gain as people tend to over-eat or binge on food as a reaction to stressful situations as it is a defense mechanism by the body to take the person’s mind off of the stress and focus on satisfying its primal need to eat. This can very easily result in weight gain due to the uncontrolled amounts of food as well as the unhealthy nature of it.

Lack of physical activity: Technological advancements have rendered us comparatively immobile compared to our ancestors who were much more physically active. Taking up simple activities such as walking, jogging, taking the stairs instead of the elevator are a first step method in order to trigger weight loss and put weight gain at a halt.

Disease: Diseases such as “Cushing Disease” trigger the release of the hormone, cortisol, which triggers weight gain, especially in the abdomen.

Pine apple diet for losing weight

Are you searching for a perfect weight loss diet plan? Are you feeling embarrassing to go out for parties because you are overweight? You can get good plans for losing weight. Did you ever heard about pineapple diet? Here is a diet which is based on pineapple to reduce weight. So follow the instructions and then reduce weight.

The things which are required in this diet plan are pineapple and a sensible eating plan.

First it is advised to make a perfect eating plan for about 7 to 10 days. This is only a supplement diet and this is not a whole diet plan to be taken. Your diet plan should include two snacks and three meals and snacks must be of pineapple. You need to take very little meal in this diet.
For 3 days in a week, you must take only the pineapple fruit or its juice. In order to follow this you need to have lots of will power and to succeed, you need to work hard. If you are taking reasonable low fat and a low calorie meal, you can see results very rapidly. Include meat, vegetables and fruits in meals and take the food which you like. It is advised not to follow this for a long term as it will result in starvation.

Before you follow this diet ask your dietitian and then start, follow the instructions and obtain desired results.
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Weight loss plan

Losing weight is a difficult task, and it can be achieved by balancing diet with physical activities. And most importantly motivation, without it you cannot proceed. You must not do crash dieting, instead of getting benefits, it will harm you on contrary. Follow a simple diet plan, which will allow you to stick to it without cheating, and choose the one that you feel you are comfortable with, so that you will not get stressed as it is hard to lose weight when you are stressed. It is usually seen that, while dieting, you tend to lose weight faster in the beginning and this is good as it gives you motivation to keep going.

Just stick to a plan, and do not switch to other plans after some days. See that you chose a proper weight loss plan which provides you with all the essential nutrients and vitamins required by your body. Consult a doctor or a dietician before following any diet plans, so that they may ask you to take any vitamin supplement if needed, while following the diet plan. Usually it is found that, once you stop following your diet plan, you start gaining weight.

So, try to find out a chart or a plan which can give you long term results. It always makes dieting easier, if you have support of your family and friends. Look for such chart that your family can also enjoy eating with you, it is not that they have to do dieting with you; some recipes from the chart must be such that everybody can eat together.

How water helps to lose weight?

Weight reduction and water have always been linked with each other. Consumption of lots of water enhances the rate of metabolism in the body and results in losing weight rapidly. Water contains zero calories and drinking much water rather than milk or other drinks can lessen the calories present in your diet and therefore it will decrease your weight. But when it comes to nutrition, water has no nutrition when compared to milk and fruit juices.

Drinking of lemon juice combined with warm water daily in the morning can help in the weight reduction in a quick way. This way you can burn lots of calories in your body.

Intake of more amount of water will lower the desire for food as it lowers your hunger. On a daily basis, a person with normal body weight must have nearly eight glasses of water but if the person is overweight and follows weight loss plans, then around eight to ten glasses of water is recommended to drink. It must come to around one ounce of water for every two pounds of weight, every day.
You can also take fruits and vegetables that are rich in water. In particular, you can have citrus fruits, which are the great sources of Vitamin C, fiber and are very much nutritious. The water content in the citrus fruits makes your stomach fill very quickly and helps in the reduction of weight.

Hence, drink water at the time of your meals and work outs during which, it enhances your energy levels as well as decreases your weight.


The most common and the simplest way to loose weight is to reduce the daily intake of calories and to carry on with the daily exercises. When the body finds that it cannot extract the required energy from the food taken , then it starts burning the fats from the waists and other parts of the body.

64% of people in U.S are overweight and obesity is responsible for 325,000 deaths every year.The human body is an incredible organism , it operates on innate scientific principles and our body needs perfect balance. A body in perfect balance need not shed any fat.

• Meals can be taken as six small meals.
• Exercise regularly and combine both the cardiovascular and weight training exercises.
• Need to develop a regular sleeping habits every night.
• Regulate alcohol intake.
• Reduce the stress with deep breathing and long stretches.

This approach to weight loss is not that simple. Many weight loss pills were developed which made much easier to loose weight. Fat blockers and fat binders were the common pills used for weight loss. These pills work by reducing the fats that assimilates from the food intaken. Fat blockers like Xenical in particular inhabit the Lipase enzyme in the intestines, which breaks up fat and makes it ready for the digestion. As a result Fat cannot be absorbed by body so it readily or easily passes through the bowels.

Fat binders work by binding the fat molecules making it un absorbable by Intestines. The usage of such methods have nasty side effects like uncontrollable foul smelling anal discharges.

Another category of weight loss includes the appetite suppressants. One of the suppressants is the Hoodia Gordonii. They reduce the appetite by making it to feel that the body is full thereby pausing more of intakes. Hoodia is a South African plant. Its appetite suppressing capabilities were found by Bushman who made use of this during his long hunting trips.

It is a natural treatment and does not have any side effects in accordance with the synthetic prescription appetite suppressing drugs such as Phentermine. The real or the true Hoodia Gordonii plant has helps several people loose weight naturally very fast. When purchasing this plant one must not go through the fakes , one needs to be careful in making sure about the necessary certifications proving it is not a fake one.

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