Let’s start in your kitchen

When you have decided to change the way you live why don’t start with your cooking. I strongly recommend one low fat food dinner every day. It’s a very healthy way for a new start. So you make up your mind. Healthy cooking is funny too and there is a lot of tasty low fat dinners you should try.

To make some low fat healthy cooking you must have a good working kitchen. So, sit down by your table in the kitchen and have a piece of paper in front of you. You lookaround in the kitchen and what are you seeing. Probably you see a stove, refrigerator, workbench, kitchen sink, a kitchen fan and some cabinets.

Now you will write down some important things. You start with knives. You need at least three knives and you must be sure you can sharpen them. So you write down a waterstone too. Next thing is a big wooden cutting board. You can use some plastic cutting boards too. Measuring cups in different size, wooden and steel spoons, a lot of stews from one tofive liters.Some beaters, a hand held mixer, a meat thermometer. They are all very neccesary. If you are planning to do your own bread (and I recommend you to do so) you need a food processor, a blender. It makes your job much easier. A microwave is also a very important machine. I would say it has change our way of cooking very dramatic.

Your appliances makes your low fat cooking easier and more fanny. If you have children and you want them to help you, it is proved it goes much easier if you have those machines. Children loves machines, you know. One important thing however is that these machines could be dangerous, not only for you but especially for young kids. Read the instructions very carefully and teach your kids how they work and never leave them alone with those machines.

Now, if you have all these tools you are lucky because it is time to move onto step two.If you don’t have all these tools you now make a list of what you are missing before you read on. You know that good quality of your cookware make the result of low fat cooking much better.

Next step is about to find places for your stuff. If you organize your kitchen right it will help you a lot. You must instantly know how to find your stuff when you are coking. You cant search for a wooden fork for several minutes when you are cooking. It can result in a spoiled meal. So, it is extremely important that you have all your tools where you know you can find them. It is also a very good idea to place them nearly your working bench so you can reach for them very easily. I have placed many things on hooks above my working bench and it works out very well. You can even place small kettles on hooks in your kitchen.

When you think that you have total control of your kitchen it is time to think. What do you want to cook. What are your goals. To become fat or slender. To be more healthy or to get high blood-pressure. To be healthy or to become a diabetic. I think it is a very easy decision you have to make. One good thing is that you can affect the result completely on your own. If you want to grow big you eat a lot of carbohydrate and tons of fat food but if you want to reduce your weight you reduce your fat food and carbohydrate and eat more vegetables.

So, it seems very easy. However a lot of persons does not agree, especially the food industry, but you know, it is your healthy it’s all about, that is the most important thing you have, so I hope you make the right decision for yourself.

And, remeber, low fat dinners gives an opportunity to try new dishes you have never tried. One way to start is that you decide that at least once a week you will make a healthy cooking with low fat foods and a lot of vegetables. I think you will never regret that.

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